Recording Credits (Updated Spring 2017)

Shanneyganock – TBA 2017
Ennis Sisters – Upon a Winter’s Day
Cory Tetford – In the Morning
Cory Tetford – Grace
Allan Byrne – Chistmas in the Heart
Trevor Howard – TBA (Winter 2017 Ontario)
Ian Janes – Yes Man (Nova Scotia)
Janet Cull – Real Tough Love
Michelle Noftall – Songs for a Winter’s Night
Matthew Byrne – Sing Through the Earth and Skies
Jason Whelan-Connection
Alan Doyle – So Let’s Go
Alan Doyle – Boy on Bridge
The Blue Drop – The Blue Drop
The Once – This is a Christmas Album
Heel & Toe – Heel & Toe
The Monday Nights –Goodnight, Monday Night
Ennis Sisters – Stages
Ennis – The Fortunate Ones
Ennis – Lessons Learned
Ennis Sisters – So Many Angels
Ennis Sisters – Three
Ennis Sisters – Christmas on Ennis Road
Barry Canning – Light of a Setting Sun
Barry Canning – Last Man Standing
Barry Canning – Soul Parade
Barry Canning – House of Life
Andrew James O’Brien – Songs For Searchers
Ron Hynes – Standing in Line in the Rain
Great Big Sea – Sea of No Cares
Great Big Sea – Something Beautiful
Cory Tetford – Grace
Alex Dinn – Alex Dinn
The Novaks – The Novaks
Chris Ryan – Chris Ryan
The Tymes – Car Songs
Mary Barry – Legend
Andrew LeDrew – Fair Winds
Shanneyganock – Rockin’ on the Water
Company Rd. – TBA
Justin Fancy – Eastern Passage
Lloyd Thornhill – Just For a Moment
Ennis Sisters – It’s Christmas
Pamela Morgan – Play On
Rod Caines – Crazy When the Sun Goes Down
Billy Hickey – There to Here
Paul Lamb – Get to What’s Real
The Monday Nights – The Monday Nights
Glenn Simmons – Christmastime
Glenn Simmons – Sweet Vanilla & Assorted Flavours.
Chris Ledrew – Stronger Man
8-Track Favourites – Middle Age Crazy
Larry Foley – Larry Foley
Shanneyganock – Volume 7
Karla Pilgrim – I’ll Think of You
A2Z – Looking Out Looking In
Two Thirteen – The Big Picture
Shawn Beresford and Mojo
Andrew Ledrew – Ladies Lookout
Andrew Pike – Souvenirs
Joy Norman – Field of Diamonds
Various Artists – The Christmas Wish
Michelle Doyle – Michelle Doyle
Arthur O’Brien – Arthur O’Brien
Jason Greeley – Live Love Sing
Rod Caines-Rod Caines EP
Shawn Beresford – Call My Name
Glen Tetford – 40 Years of Gospel Music
Terry Penney – The Struggle
Brothers in Stereo – BIS
Timber – Single Thing
Timber – College Daze
Jason Whelan – Blur
Rasa – Do You Hear What I Hear
Rasa – Neoprehistoric
Darryl Cooper – Foundation
Jackie Sullivan – Out of the Rain
Pressure Drop – From the Inside Out
Sherril Somerton – Where Do I Go From Here?
Jeff Dyer Band – Gaia
Gerard Hamilton – Between Wind & Water
Gros Morne – A Musical Journey
Debbie Jordan – Time Changes
Gloria Thistle – Better Days Soon
Shy Mary – Shy Mary
Jimmy Whiffen – Chances Are
The Irish Descendants – The Gift
Kaos – Undercover

Ron Hynes – Man of a Thousand Songs documentary: Performer
Dooly Gardens (TV series): Soundtrack co-composer and performer
Violet (Motion Picture): Soundtrack performer

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