About Me

Hey, I appreciate you checking out my blog.

I’m a musician by birth, radio host and media producer by choice and the father of two school-aged children which trumps those first two things. Even after 35+ years in broadcasting I self-identify as a musician.

I’m often asked what band I play with and I find it a difficult question to answer. As an “independent professional” I perform live, appear on TV/film, and record with many artists; idols from my younger years like the Wonderful Grand Band guys (Ron Hynes, Glenn Simmons) current stars on the national scene (Alan Doyle, Ennis Sisters) and younger, emerging bands (Monday Nights). I love what I do and am grateful for how much these artists enrich my life…

So here’s the answer that’s usually too long to give in conversation:

– In addition to what I said already, I’ve been performing and recording with singer/songwriter Barry Canning for almost 30 years and have played on all his recordings with the exception of a 45 rpm single he put out as a teenager.

-I performed, recorded, and have appeared on TV and on film with the late Ron Hynes from 1996 up until his death in 2016. He’s the guy who wrote Sonny’s Dream and in my opinion, one of the top songwriters Canada has produced.

-Occasionally I’ll get a call to tour with Alan Doyle and the Beautiful Gypsies.

-I play a lot of music with Chris LeDrew: we play in tribute bands that perform the music of the Band, Van Morrisson, the Eagles and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with members of the Novaks and Brothers in Stereo.

-I’m in a down ‘n dirty bar band with Newfoundland music icons Paul Boomer Stamp, Sandy Morris, Glenn Simmons, Glen Parsons and a great young female rock vocalist from Ontario, Jamie Dart.

-I have scored several short films, videos and a short TV series, I also write and record theme/underscore music for features and news programmes.

-I work with some fantastic music producers, here in Newfoundland and elsewhere (far too many to get into:), performing piano/organ/synth/accordion/vocal tracks for projects they’re working on with artists. I’ve played a lot of stuff on a lot of records…

I play Hammond organ, piano, accordion, melodica, vintage keys and synths both real and virtual, guitar, bass and I even sing a bit. I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 and was classically trained until I was 16… coincidentally, the same time I discovered rock and roll, girls and weed:) and have been fortunate enough to travel and play with the most creative, successful musicians in this province.

As for my broadcasting career, I’ve worked in that industry for over 35 years as an award-winning producer and host… I punched in 27 years at Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (OZFM, NTV) and left there in October 2014. In the last year I’ve done some production contracts at VOCM/HitsFM/KRock.

I’m proud of my broadcasting career but have finally made the decision I should have made when I was a younger man, the decision as to whether or not I was going to be a musician or broadcasting dude… looks like it’s musician. Better late than never:)

I also take many, many photographs.

My website is here.


6 Responses to About Me

  1. hello Paul KInsman!
    Voice from the past- Kelly Burton (music school days) and I happen to be in NL for a few days..
    Saw an ad on a billboard sporting your lovely face and decided to look you up online. Sounds like you are leading an amazingly happy and productive life. Like your blog too!
    I am only here till Thursday the 30th (Aug.2012) so if you don’t see this till I am gone- keep having your wonderful life, and I have to say that every time I hear Sunshine on My Shoulders I still cry about our beloved Paul B and think of you.

    all the best

  2. Olivia Pike says:

    Hey Paul,
    Love your blog but I have a question………..What happened to the bleeping dawn patrol? I leave for work every morning at 6 and let me tell ya Robert and Danielle are NO Paul, Larry and Deb…..lol. There are no laughs anymore! I’ve everyone but I can’t fine ye…..:'(. Please let me know what’s on the go when you have a chance.

    All the best!!!

    • Paul Kinsman says:

      Hey, Olivia… Yeah, I’m not on the Dawn Patrol anymore. It was done quickly with no explanation to our listeners and I regret that but I was on vacation at the time the change was made. I did explain on Twitter, though. Ive been moved to NTV producing HD content. The tv station is a bottomless pit and needs to be fed constantly. A new challange at this point in my career is good but i miss OZ… not necessarrily the 4am wakeup call, though. Glad you enjoyed it while it lasted.

  3. Linda says:

    MANY many people were NOT happy with the change re: Dawn Patrol….and STILL are not happy. Any chance it will be reversed????

  4. Elaine Wade Terry says:

    Hey Paul!! Love the blog! 🙂
    Favour, can you get in touch with me please? I just have a quick question. Email me, and I’ll send my #.
    Thanks in advance ol friend, say hi to Phyllis!! Cheers!

  5. Hi Paul,
    I’m the Production Coordinator for Sound Venture Productions and we’d like to use one of your images of Beaumont-Hamel for an educational video we’re doing. If you’re interested can you e-mail me with rates? kmcnaule@gmail.com

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