Icebergs at Quidi Vidi

Quidi Vidi Village is a small, former fishing community on the edge of St. John’s and the edge of the Atlantic. In April, icebergs calf from the glaciers and drift down to Newfoundland, often becoming grounded. Some are as large as European castles, these two, not so much, but cool all the same.

I’m sure some of the locals won’t like me calling it a “former” fishing community, but as you can see from the first shot, new, million-dollar homes are beginning to dwarf the fishing stages and obscure the view. There are a few here who still fish, but you’re just as likely these days to find office workers with soft hands.

About Paul Kinsman

Musician, photographer, broadcaster, in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
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  1. Loved all your shots, they looked so great!

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